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Welcome to Roof Repairs in Henfield we are specialist in all things roofing related, from repairs to the gable on pitch roofs or leaks on flat roofs, get in touch today

Here are just some of the things we fix / replace

Here at Apex we have been repairing roofs in Henfield for a long time and offer free quotes / advice.

One of the problems we see in Henfield is issues with the gable. A gable for those who don’t know is the wall between the two sides of the roof. There is two types in Henfield called the side gable and the front gable.

We have seem problems where they have not been constructed properly which is of course is creating a few issues. One being construction problems and not being safe but also damp and leaks.

Roof Repairs in Henfield

If you suspect you have issues i.e crumbling brickwork or leaks, get in touch for a free quote / advice with no obligation.

Get in touch for a free quote or advice

Worthing: 01903 610009

Brighton: 01273 258481

Eastbourne: 01323 306873

Haywards Heath: 01444 688769


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Coronavirus update

.During this difficult time, we will continue to carry out emergency repairs whilst we are permitted.  We are continuing to work to get through a backlog of emergency work following the bad weather that we have been experiencing in previous months

.Our employees will be working on their own or in pairs and each member of staff will be travelling to and from work alone and will work at a safe distance from one another

!We would also like to thank our NHS workers with 10% off